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The football team there never wins; winning a game is like winning the lottery. The administration would cut the Drill team, one of the few things MRHS had to show for but not the good for nothing football team. Now they added a dance team to make up for it which doesn't even do half the justice Drill team deserves. There's barely any attractive people at this school, you're probably better off going after the teachers instead. And for the small 1% that ARE attractive at the school, they have an attitude about everything; with the remainder thirsting over white boys over at Kennedy or Highline. Most of the students are lazy bums who are so sure on doing Running Start as if they'll become millionaires by doing that but won't do anything after that. The preps at this school are the fakest you can get, they act all over involved when in reality they don't give a fuck. It's also evident that some of the teachers that are employed here don't know what they're doing and they were likely on
e of those homeless people on the side of the road begging for change and whoever decided they'd make a good teacher hired them. The assemblies are the worst, sometimes it feels like you're in an improv show that's not entertaining at all. Good luck understanding what most of the speaker is saying, because the speakers in the assembly are SO shitty.
Girl 1: Are you gonna want to register for Mount Rainier High School?
Girl 2: hahaha NO, there's no attractive guys there at all, I want to register for Highline or Kennedy
by Perry McFlop January 19, 2014
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MRHS is a large high school in Des Moines, Wa. Everyone living in Des Moines went there. The people at this school are either completely uninvolved stoner slacker Running Start students, or overinvolved preppy kids trying to salvage what little school spirit we have. There are maybe 2 parties per year, both of which are probably thrown by over zealous 5th year seniors. There are a lot of drug dealers, and twice as many snitches. The few good looking girls are complete sluts, like nasty hos, and all of the decent guys only lust after Kennedy girls. Most kids graduate and stay in Des Moines for the rest of their lives, probably working at Wesley Homes or the Gardens. Basically, unless your in "that group", welcome to hell for the next four years. You'll probably graduate being a pill popper with a 1.4. Oh also, we lose every single homecoming game.
Q:Hey are you going to that Mount Rainier High School party?
A:No, they're homos.
by Jimmy Mc. Deeny February 07, 2010
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