A very small town in the middle of no where. It borders the Pacific Ocean near Guam and Australia. Andy Griffith is from this small town. The teens there find it very fun and yet boring. It is in the spleen of Tennessee. Mount Airy is a great town.
Taylor: "So where ya from?'

Miranda: "Mount Airy, NC. It's in the spleen of TN!!"
by PrinceGotSwag January 8, 2012
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Mount Airy, NC. What a beautiful city, that's if you plan on retiring there. If you're planning to raise children you might as well drive 30 minutes south to winston-salem Where the only thing fun to do for teenagers is go to the mall or for the little kids is Chuck E. Cheese. A town only known for Andy Griffith. No seriously there is nothing else this town has to be proud of, they have a playhouse, a museum and a statue as small as this town in the same vicinity. Oh yeah and the autumn leaves festival, an event that happens every year on the first day of fall on main street where you can't take two steps without bumping into someone else walking in the opposite direction as you. There are barely any black people in this town, the black people here are so close it's basically like they're related. You could literally stand anywhere in town and still see Pilot Mountain.
Person 1: Where are you from?

Person 2: Mount Airy, NC

Person 1: Where?

Person 2: You know that town Mayberry that Andy Griffith is from?

Person 1: No

Person 2: My point exactly
by efil4aggiN February 3, 2019
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