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Mount Assisi Academy, also known as MAA, is the sadest excuse for a high school. It is an all-girl high school full of faggots. It is located on a hill in the middle of nowhere surrounded by forests and nuns. Although there are a few decent girls here, the majority are people you would never associate yourself with. Only like 5 girls attend school here anyways. There are many many nuns at MAA, and they're all bitches. Go EAgles!
Person 1: I met the most-faggoty girl today
Person 2: what school is she from?
Person 1: somewhere in africa on like a hill or something
Person 2: oh! you mean mount assisi!!
Person 1: yeah!!!!!! but like i heard rawntay and michtellay go there...they're so cool mayne
Person 2: i know dude.
PErson 1: i wanna be like them
by RawNt January 25, 2011
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