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A Motocross racer is someone who is extremely proud of their extreme sporting prowess, akin to something of a gladiator. They generally think they are as fast as Ricky Carmichael ( Kelly Slater of moto) even though they are as slow as shit and are mid pack C Grade. Many racers who are fast think they should have a coin struck in their likeness and generally don't speak to anyone who isn't as fucking awesome as they are, which makes it hard to order food from the canteen lady at lunchtime. Ridiculous amounts of racers who are ex-pro end up in Jail for being total germs. Racers continually spruik off that motocross is the hardest sport in the world with the fitness required of an Olympian yet fail to notice all the fat pricks at their club who eat pies and continually beat them every other week. Generally drive in ridiculous looking low riding Hiaces with tinted windows that even a spastic would know holds an expensive bike to steal from their hotel room while the rider is off trying to pick up the local pub slut after a big race. Several racers become FREESTYLE motocross riders after they realise they can't wake up on Sunday to race anymore with a drug hangover.Freestylers generally dress like adult children with ridiculous tattooes and facial hardware which to look at promise mad crazy-devil-may-care shit yet after the third brap braaap * gay trick * land - most people are checking their smart phones and head off to side show alley.
Kid; Ewww did you see that mans' lumpy knee and collarbone dad?
Father; Silly man used to be a motocross racer son
by Bitterexracer June 06, 2013
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