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According to the 2009 debut episode of "Michael And Michael Have Issues", MotherFuckingNiggerCuntNaziUnicorn, is the worst word known in the english speaking language. Originally it was just the F-N-C word but then evolved because it was too nasty of a word so they put mother onto it to make it nicer. BAD IDEA. then they said, hey the germans are doing well, lets put a german word in there! Also, a BAD IDEA. But to sweeten the word, Unicorn was placed at the end.
Pete- Hello Gentlemen
Frank- Oh hey Pete, what up bro
Pete- Just studying for that english exam 7th period. I've studied for like 3 days!
Frank- Wait...what english exam? we have math today.

Pete- Oh...Well then I guess I'll just have to- MotherFuckingNiggerCuntNaziUnicorn!

Frank- Holy fuck man. bye.
by HolyUnicornBrotherr July 16, 2009
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