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A totally awesome band hailing from Austin, Tx. Composed of high school and college kids, they started approximately in January 2008, and have grown to over 12 members. Most of their music is written by members of Mother Falcon, but play do covers as well. Genre can best be described as "Classical Pop", as all their instruments are acoustic.
Steve: whoa dude, I just saw Mother Falcon play, and it totally blew me away. They're gonna be at ACL soon.

A hot girl named Sarah and her equally hot friend Julia
Sarah: Those guys in Mother Falcon are so hot! I want to get with all of them!
Julia: Yeah I agree. The only thing is, I get the lead singer and that cello player confused...I can't tell them apart.
Sarah: Yeah, I guess. Hey what's your favorite song?
Julia: Well it used to be "Dancing Shoes", but it got old. Now I like "Marigold" or "Just to see her smile" the best.
Sarah: Yeah, those are better than "Dancing Shoes"
by matrixtrout03 September 01, 2008
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Used as a family-friendly version of mother fucker as seen on the final episode of season 3 of the AMC show Better Call Saul.
This mother falcon just stole my sweet roll!
by Artaios June 27, 2017
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