A very very dangerous place in Manchester. Many even say it’s ‘ghetto central’.

It’s full of crackheads what still have the effect of spice and there’s very suspicious behaviour there caused by the ones who walk around with bulging eyes.

Best place to get ganga and rahhs all the big batty tingz are located there.
If you get on the bad side of anyone in mosside well your death bed is going to be the floor of Alexandra Park.
News: *Another stabbing has been committed in Manchester*

Boy 1: I’ll bet u 20 quid it’s deff mosside
Boy 2: Nah it’s probably Cheetham Hill, but sn
News: *In Alexandra park mosside*
Boy 1: I’ll have my 20 quid now
by BigShlongMan January 4, 2021
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A bitch tit school right next to the slut fest that is Gateway Highschool. All the girls are wannabe ratchets that claim hoods they aren't from and if they aren't wannabe ratchets, they're privileged white girls who stuff their bras :)
Idk I'd rather get fucked up the ass with a baseball bat than go back to mosside middle school.
by Chachi xD April 23, 2017
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