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The gentlemanly and friendly attitude that exists within the violence of the mosh pits.

Whether you are in a fast paced circle pit, or a wall of death, or in the regular pits, you can be as violent and crazy as you like, but if you see somebody fall over (especially if it is a smaller guy or a lady), you do not hesitate to get them back on their feet.

This courtesy also applies in open pits when there is one on one moshing, and, even if you beat the crap out of the other guy, at the end of the song and the mosh breaks up, you give the guy you've just been pulverising a hug, and tell them well played.

its moshpit courtesy :)
I was in the middle of the pit and saw a kid on the floor, i decided to be a gent and lift them up onto their feet. Its mosh pit courtesy.

*thump**smack**kick* nice one man (gives hug)
by Dictionroy February 07, 2010
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