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Something venues say in order to forgo all liability in case someone gets hurt moshing the proper way.

A complete contradiction, because moshing is an untamed release of anger and adrenaline, and there's nothing friendly about it other than the common courtesy that includes picking someone up if they fall or helping someone out if they are injured. The only people who say "mosh friendly" are those who want to look like hardcore punks/metalheads but they're too scared to actually get in a real f**king pit. They're normally the assholes who piss and moan about how someone accidentally elbowed them.
Annoying prick: "Woah dude, watch where you're moshing! I'm holding a beer! Mosh friendly, man! Wtf GAWD show some respect!"

Metalhead: *doesn't hear Annoying prick because he's actually enjoying the show

*Annoying prick throws beer and other things at Metalhead while moshing but Metalhead still doesn't notice.

*Annoying prick is more disrespectful than mosher
by qeefsonface September 08, 2012
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