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A well rounded move to be used in the dark, fiery inferno of a raging mosh pit battleground.

It allows for a defensive stance, while at the same time leaving an arm free to decimate your opponent by shattering their face, or with a well placed throat smash.

The Mosh Fist is performed simply by crouching, planting your feet so as to steady yourself, lowering your head to protect the face, and then raising your arms; one poised to defend yourself from blows and/or weaklings that could possibly be knocked in your direction, the other ready to unleash haymakers or other crippling blows to the pantywaists that oppose you.

This move is a safe choice for any pit fiend, whether a weakling newbie, or a war-torn rocker.

When utilizing the Mosh Fist, you can also attain higher levels of badassedness by raising the mighty devil horns with your defending hand. This intimidates your opponents as they will realize they have no chance of conquering your demonic spirit, and when you see the fear in their eyes, it will be that much easier for you to annihilate them with a smashing blow to the dome.

Use this move well, and bring honor and glory to the name of your fellow rockers.

The music starts to really rock out. The mosh pit develops quickly...

You find yourself surrounded by a drooling horde of rock-biting weaklings with mohawks and spiked jewelry. Limbs are flying, bows are being thrown... it's getting pretty dangerous in there.

This is the time when you unleash the Mosh Fist. Survival is your primary goal. Show no mercy.
by Jorrg June 03, 2007
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