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Mosh ball is Basket Ball that went hardcore. Incorperates rules and styles of play from football, rugby and to a lesser extent, Boxing. It is played with a basket ball and a hoop.
Brian: Wanna play some Mosh Ball?

Clint: Sure!
by iwannabeanalcoholic June 03, 2005
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Mosh ball is a simple game of fetch made hardcore as people must punch, kick, push, and generally get violent to get the ball in order to win. It was invented as a way for ghetto kids who liked to fight to be friendly in something, but the schools they attended didn't afford or didn't let them into their sports.


1.No crotch Shots.

2.No weapons.
3.(Only in a less hardcore version) No hitting in the face.

4.One person, the pitcher, who can be any person, or usually the lead singer if being played at a concert, tosses the ball into the pit.

5.The people in the pit, the area where the ball is thrown, fight to get the ball and toss it back to the pitcher.

6.Getting the ball back to the pitcher 3 times means you win. If being played outside, then that person becomes pitcher.

7. Interceptions and stealing the ball are allowed, but no knocking out in order to get the ball.

Recommendation: Use a tennis ball, its bounce and such makes it perfect for the game.
Singer: Who wants to play mosh ball?
*throws ball into crowd*


*throws ball*

by carneyman17 August 04, 2010
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