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A meme originating in the bowels of certain semi-popular Discord channels. Refers to someone obsessed with anime (especially pornography and hentai) to a degree that constitutes outright weeabooism, especially someone who is deathly afraid of admitting the fact, and/or a hikiNEET.

Named after a character from the semi-popular underground I'm Not a Weeb visual novel. All one word owing to the limitations of text boxes in-game.
MosesLucas: Have you read the new manga by Harumaki Nizatishakazi? I can't wait to move to Japan. Or, I would if I could stand the sun, but that burns too much. I hope my mom made ramen tonight. DESU DESU DESU

Random person: Are you serious? Don't be such a MosesLucas.
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by xxxSLHxxx December 08, 2017
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