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A corrupt institution that is dishonest, like it's students whom have fake friendships, take drugs, pills, weed, and drink alcohol. They need good grades, and kiss their parents asses to get out on the weekends. Most attendees are narcissistic and feel much more entitled than they are. Still, with all these problems, on the surface, we, and our lives, are all one word: perfect.
Moses Brown hosts students like this: a bitchy insecure teenage girl who walks around like she owns all of her one-hundred classmates. She talks shit like its her job, and is fake friends to everyone, but is too ignorant to even get how clueless, bitchy and negative she truly is. She lives in her own "reality"...and after highschool, she'll amount to nothing.
by princetongirl99 April 07, 2009
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Moses Brown is a private Quaker school on the East Side of Providence. The 2nd oldest private school in the country, MB is known for its rigorous academics and Friends school philosophy. It is considered one of nations premier secondary school. In its layout and architect MB resembles Brown. Basically, MB is where you send your children if you dislike the concept of boarding school. Moses Brown's sister school is Sidwell Friends in Washington D.C.

Fun Fact: Josh Swartz the creator of Gossip Girl and The OC loosely based much of the OC on his time at Moses Brown. Although for whatever reason he was asked to leave MB after his junior year and finished upper school at The Wheeler School.
That kid must be a genius, he went to Moses Brown
by Cambridge10 January 13, 2011
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