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A small town in Litchfield County, Connecticut, where there is literally nothing to do if you don't have a car.
Morris was originally a part of the town of Litchfield, and used to be called South Farms, until James Morris, a resident in the town, and a Revolutionary war soldier, opened up a one room school house in 1790 that taught both girls and boys. South Farms became its own town in 1859 and was renamed Morris after James Morris,

Notable things in Morris:

one gas station, two package stores (aka liquor stores), one post office, a town hall and public library combined, a congregational church, a Buddhist Temple, two cemeteries, a town dump, a town garage, two hair salons, an ice cream shoppe/restaurant, a pizza place, a deli, a few flower shops, a few farms, a bank that recently went out of business, a town beach (lake)/ recreational fields, a really secret hotel where a bunch of celebrities stay which is not actually a hotel but really a bunch of fancy cabins spread out in the woods, one giant-ass mansion on top of a hill, an elementary school, a few out-of-house day cares, a summer camp for inner city kids from like NYC, two town history museums, a volunteer fire department, and lots of people who you can buy pot from.

Kids have to go to high school in Litchfield, the next town over, at a school called Wamogo that they share with kids from the two other towns surrounding Litchfield, Warren and Goshen. Litchfield has their own separate high school.
Girl: Hey, what do you want to do today?
Boy: I don't know, there is not much we can do since neither of us drive, and this is Morris, CT after all.

Girl: Do you want to go to Popey's Ice Cream?

Boy: Well, I guess we can try even though it's like a 30 minute walk from our houses. Since there is nothing else to do, unless we stay here and do farm work or something else utterly boring and involves hard physical labor.

Girl: I pick the 30 minute walk and then the reward of ice cream and/or other fast foods.
by alltheotherkids October 14, 2011
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