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Morphokinesis (from Greek *morphos* = shape or form and * kinesis* = movement) is the hypothetical psychic ability to manipulate and/or change the shape or appearance of both living creatures (like the shape or appearance of one's own or another person's physical body or the one of another living being) and inanimate objects by using the power of one's mind.

Morphokinesis only manipulates the shape and/or appearance of living creatures and/or objects,without changing their molecular and/or chemical qualities.

This hypothetical psychic ability is an extension of shapeshifting,which only applies to the alteration of one's own physical appearance and/or shape.

Morphokinesis is related to psychokinesis (the ability to influence and/or manipulate matter and/or energy with the power of one's mind) and could,therefor, be seen as a special psychokinetic ability.
The Q-creature in the Star Trek-series uses morphokinesis to manipulate his own appearance and his surroundings,including objects and matter
by Mind Boggler October 30, 2012
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