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The morning wack is a routine masturbation session that takes place every day, either before or during the morning shit or while taking a shower before work.

The morning wack may or may not be a direct result of having a morning wood, but certainly encourages the routine aspects of this session. Of course the morning wack is just one of many sessions that will take place throughout the day
Sun shines through the window in the morning, slowly waking up John

John: Ahhh, what a beautiful day. Oh shit! What time is it?

Looks over at the alarm clock

John: Fuck! It's already 7:30 and work starts at 8. I'm not going to have time for my morning wack! Oh wait a is Saturday. Ahhh, great. Now I'll have plenty of time to look at Girls Do Porn dot com.
by The Wackster April 04, 2013
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