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A smile that seem very genuine from a mormon, when you first see one of these you will be mesmerized and might fall in love. Little do you know though they give that same smile to everyone and for some reason it is very prevalent in mormons, it is a big wide smile, it's like you can see their pupils smiling themselves when they even grin very elated and proud. Do not trust it at all, I'm not sure why, but they have something to be celebrate every second. Especially if it's from that girl you like, no, she doesn't like you, yes. She gives that same smile to every guy, especially the guy passing on the street.
Tom: Ohmygodohmygodohmygod
Liam: What.
Tom: That girl, ally, when I said hey to her she gave me the biggest smile for a whole ten seconds.
Liam: Dude you know she's Mormon right?
Tom: Nah, what does that have to do with anything?
Liam: All mormon girls have that "Mormon Smile" thing, where they smile really big to everyone they notice, even if by some insane luck she did like you, do you really wanna be Mormon?
Tom: Pshh being mormon is probably like being Christian or Catholic, Imma shoot my shot.
Liam: Ok man don't come crying to me when you get rejected...
*** Tom ended up being led on by Ally and eventually got the truth that she doesn't like him after 10 years***
by ImSoNEW June 07, 2018
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