An exclamation given upon one realising one's integrity and moral fortitude is being questioned. Especially where those judging, have no grounds to make such an indictment
(Random person who lives life of quiet desperation): "You are such a bad man!"
(God's lonely man): "MORE WEIGHT!"
(see also don't you judge me)
by Phil Bailey April 13, 2005
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1. When someone is benching and they dont have enough WEIGHT.

2. An expression used by Arnold Schwarzenegger when he goes to the gym and puts 600 points and still needs more WEIGHT, followed up by someone quickly hopping right the fuck in and putting on 100 more pounds.

3. An expression used when someone is getting totally baked and the bowl is empty
1. Arnold: Yyyaaauugghhhh! Need more WEIGHT!
Nuker: Oh fuck let me get some more WEIGHT.

2. Nuker1 lets out a fat rip
Nuker1: Need more WEIGHT!
Nuker2: Oh fuck let me pack some green really fucking fast.
Nuker1: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by VAde11 March 29, 2011
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