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The built-in biomechanical mechanism in which Mormons can automatically sense other Mormons in the immediate vicinity. Similar to GAY-DAR, but this is of a more divine inspiration. IF you hang around Mormons long enough it can morph over to you, through the process of osmosis.
1.) Tyliqua's Mor-Dar was in full effect today.... He told me there were Mormons at the door before I even opened it.

2.) Q: Shauna can seem to spot Mormons a mile away. I wonder Why?
A: She has Mor-Dar. But since she no longer in the church, it has been converted to Jack-Mor-Dar.
by Broham16042 July 09, 2010
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Like a gayday, but for Mormons.
He was obviously Mormon.. my mordar went off like mad!
by babaloulou December 01, 2003
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