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1. Mopar Block is the single most bad ass motha fuckn piece of raw power ever to exist...forever.

2. Mopar Blocks consist of the engine block of a 413 max wedge or 440 magnum, or 340 small block, Mopar blocks can be any engine block from the chrysler corporation.

3. To have Mopar is to have block.

4.To harness the power of the Mopar Block is equivalent to that of A Chuck Norris round house kick.

5.Used to add extra weight to a rear wheel driven vehicle to maximize traction in the snow.
Two rednecks standin around....
Jethro: Ahhyyeee Jimmy. tell me.. How it is you get such good traction in the snow?!?!?!?!
Jimmy:...I dont know man it must be dis here Mopar Block I got in the Back!!!?
by I-Sack_1200 November 16, 2011
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