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A playable Roleplay realm server in the game 'World of Warcraft' where obese men, pre-pubecent teens, and pedophiles join together to put aside there differences and all gather at the goldshire inn where you can see plenty of naked toons dancing around mindlessy and letting their lives waste away. In other words, its the perfect place to meet people who still live in their mom's basement.
Did you ever play on that Moonguard server? Theres a lot of action in the Inn!
by Hailwizard5 May 29, 2011
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A place in World of Warcraft where a bunch of erotic role players (ERPers) have sex in goldshire and do weird role-playing stuff, Once you go to Moonguard your personality changes.
Dennis went into Moonguard and now he's a High-school dropout who lives in his basement playing WOW and Masturbating... Poor Dennis.
by Nefarious Villain666 May 31, 2016
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