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The Lunar equivalent of noon/midday.
The time of day or (more often) night when the moon is at its highest point in the sky.
Hey, d'you think we can stay up 'til moon noon?

Na, the moon just rose, I'll be out long before moon noon.
by Thumpy October 17, 2010
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A complete wasteman with no concept of reality. Thinks kobe bryant can sing (haha). Cannot pronouonce the word 'Recession'. He is a facebook historian. His dad is the bomb ;).
However, when it comes down to the real shiz he is my nigga!. He is a complete gentleman at heart but is easily pushed over by empowering women (Rochelle). ok dassit bye.
p.s. Has a thing for 'Big booty hoes' (see song, 2 chainz feat kanye west). And thats all he wants for his birthday. and he is FIT!!!!
Moonnoon has the charachteristics, attributes and looks of a female dog, Thats why he is a little bitch.

An example of moonnoon is Norbit.
by Mena1994 March 04, 2013
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