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A synonym for 'milk'

Nutrient liquid produced by mammals, via the mammary glands.
Tomo almost got Sean Penn's lead role in the 2009 hit 'Moolash' (working UK/Australasian title) or 'Milk' as it is known in remote parts of the world.

Horsey: When my arm gets itchy on the field, nothing builds me up like a tall glass o the moolash.

Tomo: Got Moolash?
Matty: You mean the opaque white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals?
Tomo: you know another word for it?! whip it out!
*both proceed to 'lash the moo'*

Matthew: I think the editor might be lactose intolerant because he just won't tolerate the moolash.

Doug: Johhny mate, I'm afraid the moolash man is your real dad.
by oi-pooks May 03, 2010
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