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Moogery is anything associated, furthered, practiced, believed or otherwise embodied by a moog. Anyone, including non-moogs, can participate in Moogery. By definition Moogery is any practice that is vile, rank, oafish, idiotic or middling.

Typically self-defeating, unethical and lacking class in any sense of the word Moogery is universally despised and should be eliminated by any means necessary. Moogery in any form is an affront to the civilized world.

As part of his "Moog Defense System" The Bob advocates the use of a 48" cattle prod as an effective defense against Moogery.
Several moogs were playing dice in the alleyway, I called the police to put a halt to their moogery.

I had to hit the STD clinic after sleeping with Brenda, what moogery.

I'm sick and tired of your constant moogery; you're fired.
by The Word of Bob February 18, 2014
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