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A term signifying a significant other, regardless of gender, sexual preference, or marital status. The relationship, however, does require a degree of officiality and mutuality to deserve "moochie goochie" status.

The term, invented in late 2008 in Massachusetts, is still subject to development and revision.
Greg and Tina are involved in a relationship. Tina is Greg's "moochie goochie," just as Greg is Tina's.

Bob and Dan have been partners for twelve and a half years. Bob is Dan's "moochie goochie" and vise versa.

Adam and Stacy are newly-weds. Stacy is Adam's "moochie goochie," and the reverse is also true.

Brian and Sara met at a party, hooked up, and engaged in a one-night stand. Neither one is the other's moochie goochie, and they never were moochie goochies at ay point in the night.

Linda is totally into Tim, but Tim not so into Linda. Plus, Tim is sort of seeing Elizabeth. As much as Linda wants it to be true, Tim is not her moochie goochie, and she not his.
by Michaelllllllllllllllllll February 19, 2009
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