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Battle Cry of the in-bred redneck who suffers from Alabama Football Envy. Men and women who spend more time obsessing over a winning football tradition, than supporting their own cow college, (aka Auburn University), sometimes use this outburst as a mating call. This call is often used by others to identify the Barner, or never-will-be, when attacked by insults. Hatred from the Barner is believed to be attributed to the number of National Championships in Football won when compared to rivals throughout the State of Alabama.
MooAuwee! We won 4 in a row agin dem Bammers.
MooAuwee! We won one in 1957
MooAuwee! We Da People's Champs
School down the Road
Cow College
Rectal Bleeding
Retractable Penis
Rolling Toomer's Corner
by Stocktider May 21, 2006
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