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Montrocity is the name given to an individual who is extremely cocky and likes to believe they are God. They tend to think that they are better than everyone and that they are the coolest kid ever. In reality someone who could be considered Montrocity
is always a huge faggot with enormous amounts of greasy body hair, the structure of Jabba the Hutt, the IQ of a slug, and the looks of a dead whale. The Montrocity will usually end up becoming a child molester.
Montrocity: "Hey, you guys have to do everything I say cuz I'm the coolest kid here so you better obey my commands."
Guy1: "I don't have to do shit you homo."
Montrocity: *cries* "Fine! I will just chill with my tool homies then!"
Guy2: "Yo, who was that douche?"
Guy1: "Oh he's Montrocity, what a little bitch right?"
Guy2: "Hell yeah dude that kid was a huge faggot."
by TheWampaJesus December 29, 2012
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