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Montclair Kimberley Academy more commonly referred to as MKGay by Montclair High School students, is a pre-k through 12th-grade school in Montclair, NJ. In New Jersey MKGay is notoriously known for being obnoxious and filled with WASPY rich kids. It costs upwards of 32k a year is not hard to get into if you donate a couple mil. Nobody cares how smart you are as long as you are loaded. MKA kids are identifiable by their signature look, they can be seen in their obnoxious uniform with their "Vinyard Vines" and "Ralph Loren" and of course their "Sperrys".
James: 'Look at that MKGAY girl, Sperrys and all. Damn these white girls party hard.'
Micheal: 'MKGAY?'
James: 'Montclair Kimberley Academy students'
by jerseydude2002 January 18, 2017
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