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Mont Kiara International School, or MKIS is the most expensive international school in the Mont Kiara neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur. Some notable things about it include:
1)It's convenient location.
2)Teachers from around the world, especially the US.
2)The white guy that stands outside to greet students every morning.
3)The overpriced, small quantity lunches made and served by like 3 old chinese ladies.
4)Having to pay for every little damn thing, even the alternative dress days.
5)Strict rules such as no jackets or committing mass genocide.
5) Using Windows even though 3/4 students prefer or have a Mac.
Local Friend: Eh brutha, what school you go to lah?
Me: Mont Kiara International School!
Local Friend: Wha, you must be so rich.
by the_man_who_once_lived May 01, 2014
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