Monster Highs are a series of unique monster dolls these dolls also star in there own movies like Boo York Boo York or Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love.
Mommy can we go to the store to get some Monster High dolls please
by f.u.t.u.r.i.s.t.i.c April 2, 2016
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some creepy little monster dolls used to make little girls believe that their best friends are monsters in disguise
Girl: I think I'm actually a vampire just like Draculara in Monster High and I'll be best friends with other monsters in high school!
by bath & body work it November 27, 2014
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Love Live but its complete cancer with a pH level of 14
Monster High is basic as fuck and its so bad
by nicoyazawa November 28, 2020
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Somone in a group who is a buzz kill to others. constanly tells others to be quiet out of fear of parents/authoritie. Somone who deserves to be beaten severly with a baseball bat
Tim: DUDE! DUDE! duuuuude be quiet your moms gunna come down
Ryan: Shut up maynee your being a fuckin high monster now pass the cheese fries
by Nanners mcneh February 9, 2009
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A girl who dyes her whole head vibrant pastels and dresses like a hoochie mama
Look at how vibrant and slutty carry is dressed she looks like a monster high doll
by Calico horse January 20, 2018
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