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An essentially almost all-white suburban town located in Fairfield County. The majority of the town isn't super rich (does not fit the FC stereotype), it is much more middle class than anything else. Monroe kind of fits your typical New England suburb town. We have beautiful autumn seasons, and we get a good deal of snow during the winter.

Masuk is the only high school located in Monroe, so the majority of the kids go there rather than go to private or Catholic high school in another town. Masuk is known for having competitive athletics, and they generally excel in football. As far as academics, Masuk challenges the kids who take all Honors and AP classes, but it's a big gap between taking College Prep and Honor classes.

Having lived the majority of my life in Monroe, I love the town. There isn't anything open after 9 PM except the McDonald's, so it can be annoying. But Monroe overall is a very safe and charming town to grow up in. A really good place to raise the kids, and good location from NYC.
Monroe, CT is definitely a small town, but it's a great small town that you will miss when you move somewhere else.
by small town girl 31 December 27, 2010
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A town full of small minded and materialistic people who care more about football than they do a box of abandoned kittens on the side of the road. Burn this town, except for the few awesome mother fuckers who hate football and love kittens.
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