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The Monon Bell (pronounced MOE-non) is the trophy awarded to the victor of the annual college football matchup between the DePauw University Tigers (in Greencastle, Indiana) and the Wabash College Little Giants (in Crawfordsville, Indiana) in the United States. The Bell is a 300-pound locomotive bell from the Monon Railroad. As of the end of the 2005 season, the two teams have played against each other 112 times, and the all time series between the Tigers and the Little Giants stands in Wabash's favor at 52-51-9.

Monon Bell tends to be a completely legit reason for Depauw students to get absofuckinglutely hammered/ which they do every year. It happens to be the biggest party weekend for both schools and has been for many years, you will see students getting hammered at 8am going until the early hours of the next morning. Its also common to see the crowd beating the shit out of each other.
"Dude, its fucking Monon Bell... lets get RETARDED."

Monon Bell is the best weekend ever.
by hdeaihassh November 08, 2006
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