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A state of being used to describe a person who is currently dominated by one powerful emotion. The state of being monoemotive is usually preceded by an event that would trigger an emotion or feeling so powerful, that it transcends all reason and becomes the afflicted person's main focus in life. It is all they think about, it is all they feel. Any feeling can rise to the level of monoemotiveness, grief, joy, happiness, sadness, or guilt. And there is no cure for it other than time.
Joe: "Julie's grandmother just died, she was overcome by waves of grief."

Bob: "Yeah, I saw her. You could tell she was monoemotive, she was nothing but sad."

Bill: "Did you hear that Sally and Tom were getting married?"
Sam: "Yeah! I was there when he asked her! You could tell she was monoemotive, she was about to explode she was so happy!"
by Monoemotive January 07, 2012
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