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A general insult that more or less means a little shit disturber or someone who ruins the mood/ kills the fun.
What, we're not going to the mall tommorow? Don't be such a monkeyfart.
by Andrew Maxwell October 31, 2003
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When you get the last toke in a bowl of marijuana which is mainly ash, the result is a foul taste in your mouth which is sometimes accompanied with ashy debris from the bowl.
Joe passed me the bowl, i took a toke, it was the last hit, the monkey fart hit. Joe laughed as I gagged and spit ash from my mouth.
by sourdeez May 15, 2009
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A syndrome in which one is standing within the confinement of a zoo. Then without warning a monkey jumps to the limb next to said person and releases a small to large burst of air from the buttock region. Sometimes, if lucky, a greasy release will expedite itself among the persons face leaving a stain that most call the mank, or monkey fart stain.
Did that stain come from a monkey fart?
by Bob Hester February 12, 2004
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Anyone who is noticeably arrogant, obnoxious, dresses inappropriately for the place they're at, and is completely aware of it, but seems to be desperate for the attention. Whenever one of these people walks into a room, everyone in that room turns and looks at each other, rolling their eyes in the same way they would if a monkey had walked in and farted quite loudly.
Did you see that guy at the gym wearing a gold chain, jeans and a wife beater, doing nothing but curls? Man. what a monkey fart!

Did John really show up to his kid's t-ball game on a sunday afternoon wearing a suit and tie? He doesn't work on the weekends, he's a high school teacher. He's a monkey fart.
by The_Smartest_Man_Alive March 28, 2009
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a person named monkey who is sliently but deadly
dude she is such a monkey fart
by dmurdha March 25, 2004
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Any sound on water that makes a blooping type of sound. It is normally caused by a falling object perfectly striking and entering the water at an angle where it has the least friction.
1) Her dive off the diving board was so perfect that when she hit the water there wasn't really much of a splash only a monkey fart.

2) It was dark on the placid lake and completely quiet. Bored I started tossing rocks into the water underneath the full moon. Every time I threw a rock into the lake the only sound I could hear in the darkness was a monkey fart.
by Abraxas Romante April 20, 2008
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Sounds like a horrible smell but it's actually a smell similar to the combination of a rain forest and pineapple field. Instead of thinking of a negative person, you think of someone like a hippy-spiritual and at peace. Or could it be they're a wolf wearing a sheep's clothing and smelling like monkey farts?
When I walked into the room a strong smell of monkey farts hit me in the face, coming from a very strange person trying too hard to get my attention.
by Mary Mooner August 18, 2019
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