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A bitch made mahfuckah. They can have any one of the following traits or a combination of them. Some traits have not been discovered yet either.
A skinny white kid.

Wears a fanny pack.

Sticks his/her nose in all sorts of business that doesn't involve him/her.

Tries to be in control of other people.
Can share same character traits and flaws as a Mr. Bob Dobalina.
Lies about dumb shit.
Bites the hand that feeds him/her
Has a part time job sucking cock.
Easily intimidated by people larger than him/her
Leaves garbage everywhere.
ALWAYS concerned solely with their agenda.
Diarrhea of the mouth.
Has an extremely distorted sense of their value and contribution(s) to society.
Gets confused when simple mathematical computations are required.
Social Climber
Pits people against each other just for his/her own amusement.
Not very well-liked among peers.
if you actually did something to benefit someone OTHER than YOURSELF, people MIGHT not think you are such a goddamned monkey tuna.
by code313 May 26, 2014
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