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The elementary school practice of, rather than "cutting" (or skipping) someone in line, taking the spot behind him, thereby allowing you to save time in the line while not inconveniencing the person already in line. However, this has the side effect of
confusing and angering everyone else in the line. It is unknown who thought this would ever be a good idea, or who gave anyone the power to let people skip everyone behind them.
"Hey, can I cut you?"
"No, sorry, I meant skip."
"Why'd you say cut?"
"I thought...whatever. Can I skip you?"
"No! I've earned my space in this line. I've been here for 30 minutes."
"ugh. Look. You can monkey cut me. But you're gonna piss everyone else off."
by ChanDan March 26, 2013
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When someone jumps in front of you in line for something, like a monkey.
"Dude, did I just give you the Monkey Cut? Sorry!"

"Well, now I'm in the back of the line because some asshole just gave me the Monkey Cut."
by Meghohn23 April 01, 2010
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