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A girl who manipulates everyone in sight in order to make herself feel better, who makes her life seem better than it actually is and to keep her sharades and shenanigans moving forward. Will tell anyone EVERYTHING they want to hear and anything they think may sound "real" or down-to-earth enough to make them believe she's not only feeding them shit on a spoon and laughing at them on the inside.

Nobody knows of her sociopathic tendencies because all who put themselves around her are either the same type of person or are just too damn stupid to realize what's going on until it's too late.
Boy: Monica and I always have wonderful conversations... I hardly ever come away from an encounter with her feeling like she's screwing me over.

Girl: Monica always makes me feel like I know exactly what to do to put my life back together. First I gotta tell my folks I'm moving out and that they can't control me forever, then I'm going to buy Monica and I tons of drugs and we're going to have the BEST fuckin weekend ever together!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!

Girl: Wait, I'm homeless and now Monica wont even pick up my calls.... what a fucking monipulator!!!!
by illfckinbabyyyyy♥ October 13, 2010
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