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The non-sexual act of eating Mongolian banana bread while eating with Mongolian chopsticks. Note that you must be Mongolian to do this sexual position. If not, you must be of Iranian decent living in America while having sex and eating non-Mongolian banana bread with non-Mongolian chopsticks AND do something sexually related. ex: Masturbation, Blumpkin, Handjob, Blowjob, Dirty Smurf, Double Penetration, etc.

This is the ONLY sexual position that does not require sex at all. With the exception of being Persian while living in America, but the Persians MUST be doing something sexually.

Also take note that ONLY Mongolians from Mongolia or Persians that live in the United States are able to do this.
Me: Haha, Marshall just texted me saying that he's doing the Mongolian banana bread sex position.

Some other dude: But he's not Mongolian. He's a Persian living in America....

Me: Exactly....

Some other dude: Ohhhh...

Me and Some other dude: YAAAAAAAAAAAY! (Inside joke)
by Sir Eezoh September 15, 2010
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