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A special drink before sex that deals with sexual partner(s) bonding through blending body fluids and fecal matter together and then drinking it. This drink is best made while the woman is on her period, if a woman is involved in the act. Both partners (or more) should consume a large portion of shitty North Philly Chinese food the day before making the drink. Step 1 is for both the partners to take turns shitting in a plastic bag, and grind it up into 1 liquid paste to be frozen. Make sure at least half of the bag is full and wait approximately 8 hours to take it out of the freezer and begin the blending process. The other ingredients to the drink include Urine (warm and hot), Female period blood, a few days worth of semen. Enjoy!
I don't know why I am throwing up, because man that Mongolian Milkshake I had with your mom last night tasted sooooo gooooood!!
by Bubba Ragu October 18, 2014
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