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A Mongolian entity that has a enormous size
(Records document a 1 mile tall Mongol Titan off the coast of southern Iceland) and in most cases is nearly impervious to all harm, except that of Physical Combat. Due to the Mongolian Aspect of it it already excels and is an expert at both Physically oriented and ranged combat. Although a Mongol Titan is Extremely powerful they tend to collect followers or pawns for their own use.
Some of these are, but not limited to:
Rabid and/or Feral animals
Clam Monsters
80s jacket weilders
and the dreaded DVD box with side latches

In addition to all this Mongol Titans also prefer to obtain rare or powerful weapons
of unimaginable strength. The most common of such is the Mountain Axe
"Damn, that chick has some sweet Cleavage!"
"Thats not a chick, thats a Mongol Titan!"
by TubaJon March 22, 2009
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