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Fictitious beast used to describe a catatonic hangover experience.
Once bitten by the Mong Snake the poison renders the victims incapable of doing anything despite their best intentions.
This happens particularly after alcoholic or drugs excesses the night before, and no matter how much enthusiasm and energy one has to do something, no one is capable of getting up and doing anything until the effects of poison have abated, usually after the pub has opened...
Barney: "Hey folks let's go and get some eggs, bread, some bacon, some mushrooms, and have a fry up!"
Cuthbert: "meh!"
Dibble: "gugh!"
Barney: "How about a game of frizbee?"
Dibble: "mweh!"
Cuthbert: "blub!"
Barney: "looks like we've all been bitten by the mong snake!"
Miss Lovelace: "tee hee hee!"
by Barney Mcgroo October 20, 2011
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