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a celebratory dance of throwing or holding up stacks of money, usually performed in urban settings or stripclubs;

made famous by Lil Mouse on the Lil Wayne track, "Get Smoked"
Person 1: "Hey bruh, what you do last night in the club?"

Person 2: "Awe man, I turnt up a lil bit, hit the money dance on know."

Person 1: "Hell yeah, turn up."
by SteveOXing July 13, 2013
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When paying friends or family for doing chores, the money dance often occur.
The money ritual, where the person recieving money pretends that the chore was was easy an that he does not want money for it, whereas the person paying pretends that he really enjoys doing the payment, and the the other person has to accept it.
Person1: Hey Clark, thanks so much for watching my cat. Take this 10$ bill
Person2: No, I cannot accept your money. It was fun watching the cat. I had a ball.
Person1: No come on, I would feel bad if you didn't take it
Person2: Well, I would feel bad if i I did take it.
Person3: Quit the freakin' money dance you morons.
by pseudonym-man October 14, 2009
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