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1.) A form of government in which the political and sociological driving force is material wealth. It is easily characterized by the way with which monetary donations are able to lubricate political ascension. Prevalent during the lifetime of Martin Luther.
2.) An adjective describing an already established form of government.
3.) An absolutely fabricated term coming from the depraved mind of Professor John Ott.
Max--"The levels of simony that were prevalent during the reign of the 'Renaissance Popes’ is indicative of a highly intricate monetocracy which closely resembles that of Thailand in structure and form of rule!"
Craig--"You're a nerd..."

Max--"We really need to vote Nader in before we fully metamorphosize into a monetocratic republic!"
Craig--"We're not friends anymore."

Craig--"I'm pretty sure Ott just used his depraved mind to fabricate that word homey"
Max--"You're a douche..."
by C-Raig May 14, 2008
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A political system in which the principle means of participation is monetary.

Political systems are defined by the means by which one can participate in them. Thus a system where the most important element of political participation is money, the system is a Monetocracy.
The United States has become a Democratic Monetocracy
by Ender Rex May 14, 2012
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