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Molly Angell is a funny, light - hearted girl who has many amazing friends but also has some enemies - people who don't rspect her awesomeness! Her favourite colour is purple and she has blonde hair :) also she has a gorgeous puppy called beth <3

Body - Lovely, slim curvey shape
Face - Blue eyes, pale/pink skin, wears make-up,
Personality - Bubbly, fun - loving, giddy, awesome, hyper, random, caring, forgiving, legendary
Dude 1: Hey! did you see that girl last night?

Dude 2: Yeah, she's a right molly angel <3 great friend and loyal girlfriend!

Dude 1: Girl your female, how do you know that shes a loyal girlfriend???

Dude 2: ...
by Awesome Bff's <3 :D xx October 25, 2011
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