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A person who prefers to wear socks with sandals and just does not give a fuck, and is often thinking of men in long johns.
Often acquainted with a large taint and often prefers to listen to old folk music rather than any other music.

Frequently referred to as a party-er or rather a party animal.(Preferably a rabbit)

Often has an irrational fear of worms.. though it has yet to be discovered why this is a factor to 'Moisan'.

Favorite hobby of a 'moisan' is to battle worms and stomp on slugs with his/her other party-goers.
1; Moisan just battled it out with some worms, oh fuck!

2; What is that taint doing hanging over your twat, moisan?

3; hello thur, its Moisan, got a problem with my socks and sandals? I just don't give a hoot!
by hairyturnips June 13, 2010
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