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A new, and not yet common term that can be used to describe one fringe side of a woman's labia minora, or vagina as a whole.

This can be characterized by a looser looking shape, wrinkles, crevices, etc.

The modular magazine pouch is so far down the spectrum that there is no opposite.

While many people will tell you that they prefer a more "Rose Petal-esqe" look, you shouldn't turn your nose up at a Modular Magazine Pouch. There is nothing "Off," Weird, or Wrong" with a Modular Magazine Pouch. No two vulva's are the same,and each should be appreciated.
"Yo, I met this chick on Tinder a couple days ago, and finally got her home last night!"
'How was she bro?'
"She was a Modular Magazine Pouch, but it's whats on the inside that really matters to me."
'So right bro.'
by Dynamic Dante January 14, 2018
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