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Modernell is the last name of a highly sought after family by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. While the family is compromised of over 1,000,002 members everyone is wanted due to the F.B.I's and C.I.A's join effort operation "Catch Those Fuckers" to catch L.M AKA "The Stig" AKA "The Professional" AKA "The-Guy-Who-Did-Your-Mom-Last-Night-While-You-Were-Traumatized-by-Her-Bloodcurdling-Screams-of-Joy". While local police departments have found many members of the Modernell family they always seem to get away in highly modified high performance vehicles. We.. I mean the F.B.I along with the C.I.A speculate that they run several underground tuning garages where they continue to sell dangerously modified cars along with the side hobby of selling a substance which they have named "cacaina" that is known to cause instant death if more than 1g is taken while increasing your reaction times if less than 1g is taken. It also gives you wings.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of any Modernell family member please proceed with caution and call your local police department.

If L.M is caught there will be a $3,500,000USD reward paid in full tax-free.
Jason - "Yo, did you see that guy? I think he's a Modernell!"

Bubba - "Better not fuck with him or we're dead"

Jason - "Nah man, we gotta call the po-po!"

Bubba - "It's not worth it man, lets just ignore we saw him"

Jason - "But we gotta call the co.. -Jason gets shot by L.M before he finishes his sentence-"
by Totally-Not-The-C.I.A March 24, 2014
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