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Also known on Xbox Live as 'Modern Warfare 2: Fucking Shit Edition', it was soley marketed to Australian fans of the series who were anticipating something more than a fucking piece of shit.
Australians playing this game online against Americans will experience frustration, frustration, frustration, frustration, frustration, frustration, frustration and even more frustration after playing this fucking piece of shit as one of an Australian Xbox Live connoisseur's greatest fears eventuates in the form of a "lagiastus beastialus". Known simply as a lag beast, this will violently penetrate anyone choosing to abuse it.
*Sam is halfway through a match of Domination on Favela, enjoying himself in an Australian hosted game with a favourable 7 kills and 2 deaths*
Sam: "Gee, I really have enjoyed coming home to this. I am not dominating anyone, just enjoying a nicely paced game of Modern Warfare 2: Australian Edition. Ah..."
*Host leaves game, which has a majority of 10 Australians and one annoyingly placed American within game. Game begins to relocate host*
Sam: "Hoho, fuck."
*Game restarts, the one American in the game is hosting. The American immediately kills Sam, a knife to the back*
Sam: "Huh."
*Sam dies again, this time as a result of a lag beast*
Sam: "Hmmm..."
Sam: "Jew."
Sam: "Jewslut!"
Sam: "Argh fucking American ballsucking redneck gin faggots!"
Sam: "Fuck... fucking Cod. Why in fuck's name am I playing this shit?"
Sam: "Heherghh!!!!!!!!"
*Again, proceeding with a vehemently temperamental silence*
Sam: "..."
by angry piece of shit November 20, 2009
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