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The worst fucking thing ever because these cunts go fucking just for being a white man also fuck the wage gap it’s not fucking real
Person 1: Wtf that red haired fuck over their just screamed rape when I looked at her

Person 2: Yeah that’s what these fucked up feminists do these days it’s called Modern Feminism so fucking stupid they’ll go mental if you fucking sit with your legs open or explain something to them they call it manspreading and mansplaining
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by Feminist And Furry Destroyer December 02, 2018
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The idea that only women can have rights and not men. Now in 2018 if you white males do anything out of line. PREPARE for your local feminist to come running with her tits out to say how wrong you are. Elaborating the feminist argument mostly will be about equal rights! How’s men’s right for rape going feminist?? Haven’t heard about that in a LONG time
Dan: Fuck did you see daisy shouting at Jake for having his legs too wide.

Ross: That’s just modern feminism bro
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Something that can only be compared to fascism.

A movement currently campaigned by groups of fat ugly depressed left-wing extremist dyke's and dyke looking bitches born after 1980.

Modern feminism only enforces the stereotype that incredibly ugly fat angry dyke looking bitches are depressed pieces of shit that hate for self gratification.

Unless you're a lying bitch like Anita Sarkeesian you're doing it for money or you're just fucking stupid.
Modern Feminism: Everything is sexist because I hate men and myself.
by Godwins September 20, 2014
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The belief and theory that everyone deserves equal and equitable treatment and opportunity regardless of gender, sexuality, sex, race, religion, disability, etc.

Modern feminism is NOT the belief that women are better than men or that all men are scumbags.
“Billy believes that everyone should have equality and equity.”
“Oh, so Billy must identify with modern feminism.”
by Fightmebitches January 10, 2018
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