The Modern style is a new trend, origionating in a San Francisco bay area suburb. Modern people are often seen wearing contemporary styled(with very simple designs, such as squares) track jackets(especially with the collar up), fitted dark blue jeans, and plain t-shirts. Modern people often shop at designer or urban/contemporary stores such as Urban Outfitters/FCUK/Desiel etc.
They are often seen with coffee's or Ipods as part of the urban contemporary look. Modern people are very minimalist people. They also tend to be bald(such as Moby) and occasionally wear minimalist black rimmed square glasses.
Person1: I got a new Track Jacket in San Francisco a few days ago.
Person2: It looks like your going for the "modern style."
Person1: Yes, it's becoming a new trend.
by Zach and Kevin May 19, 2006
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